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Super easy to make three delicious beef jerky

最简单的方法制作三种最美味的牛肉干, 包括咖喱牛肉干, 蒜香牛肉干和五香牛肉干。它们不但好吃,而且因为不含防腐剂,添加剂,所以比商店里买的更健康。不但是平日里的健康零食,也是亲朋好友聚会时分享的美食。
The easiest way to make three of the tastiest beef jerky, including curry beef jerky, garlic beef jerky, and five-spice beef jerky. Not only are they delicious, but they are healthier than store-bought ones because they contain no preservatives or additives. It is a healthy snack, also a delicious treat shared by family and friends at gatherings.
约 2 磅牛肉、1/2 杯酱油、2 汤匙糖
About 2 lb. Top round London broil, 1/2 cups soy sauce, 2 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp curry powder (for making curry beef jerky)
2 Tbsp garlic powder (for making garlic beef jerky)
1 Tbsp five-spice powder (for making five-spice beef jerky)

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